Important Things to Remember

Pre-Requisites for Library Membership

 * Institute ID Card

 * Active Email-ID

 * Mobile Number

 * Visit to the Library Website to Read the Rules & Regulations (

 * Registration in Library Blog (Chaitanya Vartha)

Some DOs

   There are two Gates Entry Gate & Exit Gate.  One should follow strictly

   Respect and follow Library Rules and Policies

   Keep Your Belongings ( Bags ) at the Personal Belonging Rack. 

   Switch Off Your Mobile     

   Bring ID card when you visit Library

   Carry a Note Books & Pen along with you

   Co-operate with Library staff

   Feel free to seek assistance

   Maintain SILENCE in the Library Premises

   Help keep the Library Neat and Clean

   Alert on misuse of resources

   Take care of Library materials

   Be prompt in responding to our communications

   Please Remember Your Library Membership Number (Admission No) and use the same for all the Library Transactions.

   Please Make a Note of the Accession Number of the Book, which you have borrowed from the Library.

   While borrowing the Book(s) / Journal, the Borrower/Reader is ADVISED to ensure that the Book(s) / Back Volumes of the Journal is / are in PROPER condition.  If any Page(s) are MISSING or DAMAGED, inform the same to the Library Staff on Duty.

   If the Borrowed Book is lost, it should be replaced with a New Book of the same edition or latest edition.

   Violation of Library Rules / Instructions will lead to the suspension of Library Borrower Card(s) / Membership.

   If you come across a NEW BOOK / Title in the market and the same is not available with our Library, please SUGGEST the same to our Library by writing the details of the book in the INDENT Register which is available at the Circulation Counter.

   Please visit Library Website ( for more information  

   Please Watch the Library Notice for the Library Circulars & Notices.

   Please Watch the Admissions Notifications & Seminar Notifications

   Give Your Feedback to Improve the services

   If you have any Suggestions & Problems in the Library & Information Centre, Please See the LIBRARIAN in person or send the E-mail to  /



Some Do nots

   Do not Keep any Valuable things (Money, Costly Cell Phone, Original Certificates etc..) in the Bags.

   Do not submit others Library Card for Borrowing a Book from the Library without Prior Permission.

   Do not Borrow Two Same Books against the Same Reader.

   Do not take out library materials without getting issued

   Do not use mobiles in Library premises

   Do not bring Music & other gadgets

   Do not bring any eatables & drinks

   Do not use Library computers / Network for non-academic purposes

   Do not mark, write, scribble, underline in Library reading materials

   Avoid doing anything that disturbs other users