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Information Desk



The main function is to provide the information about the library operation and services to the students.

Enrollment of Students, faculty and staff members, Maintaining Old Records and Registers and Issue of No-Due Certificate

General inquiries.



Acquisition & Technical Processing Section


Acquisition Section procures library documents -books and non-book material to build the collection or add stock to the library. Acquisition functions include selection of documents as well as suppliers, verification, placing purchase orders, receiving, accessioning, and providing information to indenters regarding status of ordered documents, and processing bills for payment.

Technical Processing

Technical Processing i.e., Classification and Cataloguing makes a bridge between Acquisition of documents and their Circulation. It also plays a vital role in the functioning of library services smoothly and effectively

Classification is a process for assigning a Call Number to a document, which fixes its position in the rack among the titles on the same subject. Call Number consists of three parts, Class Number, Book number and Collection Number.

CBIT follows AACR-II for Cataloguing of Books/ AACR-II provides complete guidelines for the cataloguing of the library materials. The library Online Public Access Catalogue is updated in the LMS system






The Main function of Circulation Section is lending library books to the users of the library.

Library Circulation includes checking out library materials to library users, checking in materials returned, checking the materials for damage at the time of return, if found damaged then giving that to responsible staff for repair and when repair is not possible then replacement,  receiving payment of fines for damaged and overdue materials, maintaining order in the stacks by re-shelving the library materials by call number given by classification system, 

The image of library depends upon the functions of Circulation Section because a majority of the users in academic libraries interact with the staff of this Circulation Section. For library transactions (i.e., for issue and return of documents), the  Library Circulation Counter is open between 9 AM and 4.15 PM on all working days.


Reference section


The reference section is the hub of all referral and reference services of a library. It will provide answers to the queries of the users. But in a broader sense, it may have to provide a variety of services and perform functions necessary to help the users including providing information service on-demand and in anticipation, providing instruction in the use of the library, selection of documents, organization of reference materials, etc. This section is on the First Floor having all the services at the Reference Desk and the Reading Hall for serious readers

Reference section of this library has a very rich collection of encyclopaedias and competitive books to cater to the demands of readers effectively. There are more than 10.000 title books in this section.  






The Periodicals Section is the place where needed information could be found in journals, magazines, newspapers, and other serial literature.

Periodicals are publications issued at regular intervals and to be continued in an indefinite period of time.  Journals, magazines, newspapers, vertical file materials such as newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other ephemeral materials are available in this section. 


Stack Maintenance


Stacks Maintenance is responsible for the daily pick up and shelving of library materials. Maintenance of library material involves kinds of stacking, shelf arrangement, cleaning, shelving, stock verification and weeding of unwanted material. It is essential for care and repair of documents for their long life and sending the books for Binding.

The goal is to shelve every volume that comes to Stacks within 24 hours.

If you cannot find a book in our online catalogue on the shelf, please contact the Circulation Counter for assistance.





Computerization / Automation